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South Brooklyn Auto Glass offers auto glass repairs and windshield replacements for both cars and commercial vehicles. We’ve been handling car glass repair for many years and strive to present our customers with the best service possible in Brooklyn NY. If you need a vehicle glass fix come down to our garage in Brooklyn where we have windshield repair kits for all sorts of situations for pitted auto glass, windshields, plate fiberglass, and more. Don’t worry about that small chip in your windshield or your cracked side mirror, South Brooklyn Auto Glass offers the best Windshield Replacement Brooklyn has to offer. 


Many of our customers have come to us over the years because of our straightforward approach to replacing auto glass and stay with us because we offer cheap windshield installation in 2 hours or less.

Our excellent customer service is our pride and joy and it was created by repeat customer interactions and learning how best to run an auto glass repair business. Most of our business is actually through word of mouth and our reputation is solid. If you’d like to get a FREE instant estimate first, please fill out the contact form. Hope to hear from you soon!

As a customer, you have the opportunity to ask questions about the quality of safety glass we use to replace your windshield and the adhesive used to secure the windshield. We pride ourselves on our upfront and transparent service when replacing customer windshields and repair auto glass.

Preferably, you also want the new vehicle's windshield to have the same consistency as the original version. Ensure that every windshield car repair provider you recommend can use what is defined as OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts for the replacement work to help guarantee this is the case. Reputable shops would also not decline to provide a warranty for replacing the automobile windshield without any charge. Make sure you properly read the contract terms. Preferably, particularly if you move from time - to - time, you also want insurance to have national coverage.

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 Is the front and the rear windshield damaged? For particular, front glass replacement requires much as back glass replacement; usually, the additional cost of wiper installation doesn't really include back glass replacement and ranges in the amount of $100-$300 for the job. The cost of repair may contribute 20 percent to a vehicle with specialized paneling.The quality of glass used is one more cost factor. For a cheaper cost (about $100 less), you may consider older model windshields which consume somewhat less time to fix, but using a cheaper quality of material could be a source for your windshield to fall out during a crash. Though somewhat costly, to guarantee a seamless glass-to-frame fitting, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard material is preferred.

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Is this a familiar situation? You’re driving down the Belt Parkway behind a commercial truck or fellow vehicle and a rock swings out and hits your car windshield. Automatically a crack spiders across the windshield glass and it’s cracking all the way down. You don’t have one of our recommended crack repair kits, but you do have a phone. If you’re ever in this situation, we want you to call South Brooklyn Auto Glass. Don’t start to try to cover a broken car window with plastic bags as a temporary fix. Sure it can work for a day or two, but it’s no replacement for professional auto glass help. We know that glass cracks and break happen at the worst hours - when you’re on the way to work, or late at night come back from it. We can’t be a 24 Hour Emergency Windshield Replacement service, but our hours are generous enough. So don’t worry about the chips or pits in your windshield, come to South Brooklyn Auto Glass to get your vehicle looking good as new!

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